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Opus Omniyat Offices Interior Design

The luxury office in Opus by Omniyat is a wonderful masterpiece idea of modern design, where you can have your own stunning executive office space. The luxury project is designed by Dame Zaha Hadid that is a mixed-use 20 storeys development presented to savour daily experiences in the unique residencies, exclusive offices, fine dining and the most long-awaited hotel in the region. Spanning over 84,300 square metres, the development is designed as two separate towers that coalesce into a singular whole, taking the form of a cube.

“The building that never sleeps” is designed entirely by the most visionary, which is a celebration of her extraordinary work that reflects her creative mind in demonstrating vision, skills and eye-catching designs, furthermore her talent in starting an evolution in the field of architecture. The precise orthogonal geometries of the Opus elemental glass cube contrast dramatically with the fluidity of the void at its centre, offering an exclusive lifestyle.